Jolanda Brons Photography

Biography Jolanda Brons (1976)

In the photography of Jolanda Brons (Delfzijl, 1976) the autobiographical approach is the main focus. Most of the time Jolanda works intuitively, using the gut feeling. She managers to translate everyday emotions into quiet compositions and images that approach the raw emptiness of the timeless reality as she sees it. Despite this 'quietness' Jolanda manages to bring lots of energy and passion into her photography.

Her fascination for photography started with an old Yahica camera from her father that she found in the attic at age 15. Her knowledge and skills have been building up during the course of years by taking many photos and working together with experienced photographers. She has followed several photography courses, among others at the Kunstencentrum Groningen, the USVA Groningen and at the Fotofactory Amsterdam. Since she moved from analogue to digital photography in 2004 she has won several prizes and nominations. Her work was on show in several exhibitions and published in magazines.